Doll and Accordion





These 4 pictures were taken using a Universal Roamer II 6×9 camera on Ortho Lith film developed in Dektol. Spotlight on doll and accordion with a 3 to 5 second exposure. The film was cut from 8×10 sheets into 3 6cm strips, taped together and then to backing paper and spooled onto a 120 spool. Rolled that way, the film gives 6 out of 8 exposures (2 exposures lap the joints). Very bizarre results.

The Curve

A long slender branch
cut across your cheek
It left a swollen scratch.
Luminous pink with tiny beads of blood.

I traced your outline
on the pavement
with chalk.
You let your eyes go flat.
I let my mind go blank.

We filled your space with leaves
and clover flowers.
I snapped the branch and placed it
where your cheek was cut.
The curve of a short smile.

The second bus
goes across town.
It takes us past the shipyard
where your grandfather worked.
It takes us home.