I am on the earth


I am on my back

the clouds are unintelligible

I roll to my left in the grass
to feel cool on my left side
but only feel the air on my back

wet air on my bare back

I look toward the road
where heavy trucks carry loads
to places I will never see
or know

wet air on my bare face

I am on the earth

but I am in the sky

Soon, I will be called
and order and duty will bring me up
I will eat my vegetables
I will comb my hair
I will do my work

I roll left again
and face the stone god who taunts me
“prick,” I mutter

your greed overpowers so much fantasy

your greed overpowers me

I feel the warmth on glistening skin
the sun flows force on heated flesh
soon my breathing will steady

I pull blades of grass

I drive my fingers into the dirt.

Inner Machine

dandelion 2011-05-28

I knew him as
a mountain

I lay close to the ground
my cheek on the grass
my eyes closed
I am invisible

There are so many places to hide
amongst the trees
behind the shed
between the parked cars

But I stay in the open
down on the ground

The sun warms my side
No shadow crosses me
and I start to hear
the inner machine

The sun warms my side
I know the grass soil stone
the massive thing beneath my head
will thrust up

I pretend it was never a game
and stand