Doll and Accordion





These 4 pictures were taken using a Universal Roamer II 6×9 camera on Ortho Lith film developed in Dektol. Spotlight on doll and accordion with a 3 to 5 second exposure. The film was cut from 8×10 sheets into 3 6cm strips, taped together and then to backing paper and spooled onto a 120 spool. Rolled that way, the film gives 6 out of 8 exposures (2 exposures lap the joints). Very bizarre results.


Long exposure from a moving car ~ Exa Ihagee

Long exposure from a moving car ~ Exa Ihagee

The success of moments
upon the skin.
The pain of swatting flies
or stabbing a pencil into
your leg.

Trip over the outline
left on the ground.
You mark the soured earth
with your spit words
and poor taste.

Scratch the dirt away from the stone
you buried.
Rub the surface to search for letters
the ground will etch the truth
into the surface.

The ground will find its way
through the air above.
Those normal things that move,
that go or stay
remain in their decay.

Scratch the dirt away and look for the hints
you’ve hidden.
Memory created you from a pile of garbage
a pile of other peoples’ actions
or so it seems.

Wake up.
Swing your bare feet to the floor.
Try to put your shirt on right side out.