Box and Door

open boxes to rearrange
close boxes to dismiss
open doors to get away
close doors and stay apart

individual drops of chocolate
dot the paper
these set later than you think
as you roll the paper
the drops slide sideways
and fall into the box

individuals sit on bus seats
and stare at strangers
in the morning
in the evening
they stare at strangers
and sit on individual bus seats

open boxes to get the colours
close boxes to finish the job
open doors to master the lighting
close doors and hide the decay

lovers mourn the loss of excitement
everyone else mourns
their loss of love
but every shape
belongs in its socket
to fall in the box where it belongs

lovers lick at each other like cats
and just like cats
they scratch and they scream
lovers scream and scratch at each other
while just like cats
they dream about mice.

open boxes to let out the evil
close boxes to seal them away
open doors to take the parcel
close doors and shuffle away