All Along the Meridian

all along the meridian

all along the meridian

All along the meridian,
they tango.
Push heels to dirt and sweat under the sun,
he’ll push his chest to her breast
under the sun,
all along the meridian

The hands can feel the heat.
His feet can feel the earth.
Their bodies press and slip aside,
collide in strokes of liquid pain
under the rain,
all along the meridian.

All along the meridian,
two piglets holler
and grasp and collar the dogs
that bark in reputable whorehouses
where languish reputable carousers
under the hogs,
all along the meridian.

The meat drips blood,
a tepid rain,
the smell of whiskey and smoke
remains a treat for those who wish
that something else would happen.
A certain way of painting –
under the sky,
all along the meridian.

{image captured through the viewfinder of an Olympus OMPC film camera}


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