the calm sea swallowed Irene

NF 2010-08-03

Love is like the wind.
It plays with fools and toys.
She checks her watch
and waits once more.

These walks
never used to be this way.
Her mind turns to the water’s edge
to look deep within.

And the air is so still.
And the scene so serene.
Her hand finds itself
on the beat of her heart.

Cold tea and stale rooms
mark other days
like tally marks on prison walls.
She shudders at the thought.

Love the slavery of the day,
love the slavery of the night.

So beautiful, the water coils
and reaches for its own.
No dawning fear protects her,
no habit or desire.

The stolid sea
retreats in darkness,
drinks at night and grows
in violence.

But she drinks tea
and watches time
and counts the stones
at the water’s edge.


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