Deep Snow

frozen eye 2009-01-14

Far from the smell of coffee
cigarettes and the sound of
knuckles rapping tables

My legs are snowed in
to the thighs

Treetops send the sun everywhere
A white world with diamond sparkles
cold as the bottom of the deep freeze

I delight that I can feel
my nose freeze when I inhale

But I am afraid of being stuck
in drifts of snow taller than me

The wind blows billowed rainbows into the sky

Back there, they sit and argue
over cups of coffee and
kitchen cooking smells

Out here, the scent is freezing
but my sense is enclosed and protected

I panic and thrash to extract myself from the snow
It reacts to hold me in
and take me down even deeper
A new experience awaits me there,
wandering beneath the snow.
My arms flail as I pull at one leg
then the other
then the first and throw myself forward
I swim in fits
And with a final battle cry
I am free

I lost only one mitten and one toy car


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