“The proper way to do this is-“

Chalk squeals on the blackboard. Chalk feels bad in my fingers. The sun is flooding the room from the side and making the ears of the students glow.

“- multiply both sides by –“

The spirit flows through me. The spirit flows without me.

“- the denominator, which in this case is x-2 –“

My love is a toxin. It poisons my purpose. My love is a curse. It erases my goals.

“- and once we multiply it through, we can begin to see –“

A hand rose from the sea. A lone hand from the water. I watched it wave and fall.

“- that y is x to the power of –“

The gods who grant me eternity also deny my living. I can have eternity, but it denies my actions. I become static. I become one.

“- 2 minus 4 –“

Love blooms like the ghost of a victim entering the halls of judgment. All eyes upon it, it is naked for all to see. I am as whole and as abrupt as a cactus in a desert.

“- x –“

My gods have struck me down. I am a wreck in the ancient sea. I am adrift. I will drown in the arms of my love. The spirit will begin anew. I will let the earth collect me.

“- plus 2 –“

Finally, the greatness will succumb. The mirrors will reflect the hand that waves and nothing more. My eyes will take the features of crescent moons, my grin will betray the fish that sleeps, my loins will eclipse the shark, my hands will caress the body of love through the ocean of time. And the gods will play with me no more.

“Any questions?”


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