somewhere closer to here

I guess I am one of the lost,
without the skill to find my own steps
back along the way I came
and not yet looking for
the marks only I can see

Or perhaps you are lost
and wandering in the dark
following an imagination of light
or a memory of a wish
somewhere closer to here

or my feet search the ground
while the land appears under you

There are ways to see
We know the tree is not the leaves
not the branch not the trunk
not the sky not the ground
all and none of these.

And there are ways to hear
Your voice is not your mouth
not your mind not your face
not your words not my thoughts
all and none of these

And there are ways to talk
I’ll draw circles round words
and words will wind circles around
They come to the place I stand
somewhere closer to here

There is beauty in playing these games
but no truth.


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