A beautiful hot afternoon for lemonade

My polite walking around the outside
of my awareness of an unexpected edge,
made me call “Somebody down there?”
I could think nothing but of falling
and so hoped I would not be alone if I did.

A demure morning carried the sun into some elevated erect position,
I’m sure it was excited at the prospect of being in attendance.
My fixtures are all perfectly aligned,
perfectly upright, perfectly suited one to another.
I mark their shadows with my attention.

Further explorations conclude the world has actually turned concave.
I circumnavigate the rim of some absurd bowl.
I am just as much at risk of falling in as falling out,
so I carefully maneuver back to the flatland bottom
where my meticulous nature arranges the artifacts correctly.

I set a table.
Turns out, it’s a beautiful hot afternoon for lemonade,
so I set out the pitcher, the glasses, the dipper,
I lounge in my chair.
I smile at the distance.


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