Broken Things

“Have you seen this?” she asked.

She was crouched in front of a box at the other end of the hall. I had just picked up a small nightstand and was about to go up the stairs. Now I was indecisive and looked at her outline against the kitchen backlight. I hesitantly put the furniture on the floor and walked to her.

“Everything is smashed,” she said and held up part of a plate.

I looked in the box. It was filled halfway with shards of broken porcelain and glass.

“There’s no paper in there, Frannie.”

“Huh?” a shadow of annoyance crossed her face “I can see that.”

“I was just saying,” I said and raised my hands slightly, innocently. I started to move back to my nightstand.

I heard the clink as the piece she held dropped back into the box. “I’m not the one who didn’t pack these properly, you know.”

I stopped and looked at her. “Well, I didn’t pack the box,” I said.

“But I didn’t not pack them properly,” she said. She was beginning to look mad.

“What does it matter, now? We can get a new set of dishes. Let’s just get the stuff off the driveway.”

Her face went blank. I could feel steam exude from her as she walked past. I had no idea what the problem was, but I know I didn’t pack the box.

“Oh, do you think that was the right way to pack that?”

“Why are you such a prick?” she said quietly.


“Nevermind.” She walked out the door. I watched her pick up another box and then walk past me to carry it to the kitchen. I shook my head and picked up the nightstand and carried it up the stairs.


One thought on “Broken Things

  1. Nice capture of moments.. Also like the fresh, clean layout of your blog. My blog is still low on the learning curve… And, not so tidy. Just saw last week how to make menus, so I made a few… but still not optimal. Seems unless I use it daily, it’s often 2-steps forward & 1-step back. Ahhh, well… someday, perhaps I’ll learn the hang of it.

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