he’s upon the checkerboard
your piece upon the ceiling
wonders at the terror of shapes
some hideous glow of humanity

your supple movement
traces lines on the wall
he’s seen your dancing
social pornography
measures of lust

scatter the pieces on the checkerboard
the light on the wall scatters
the drink in your hand shatters
as a fist of distilled jealosy
brings his pain into your being
and you don’t know
what to do

(This was written as part of a project – an album called “Ray” written and recorded over 2 weeks in February, 2011. That can be found at — however, ‘checkerboard’ was not used in any recording. The album itself, as well as all the writing for it, is based on a story I started writing over 25 years ago. Sometimes it takes a while to resolve things.)


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