wednesday morning tambourine at 5 a.m.

wed morn tam

the birds call me by name
“idiot, wake up,
the sun is about to burn a hole through your head.
You’ll have to live with regret for a while.”

so be it
I can move just a freely as the next person
I can shake my arms out and do deep knee bends
doesn’t matter, I won’t do it.

Oh there it is
Love is an elixir that comes in a tall bottle.
Water does a great job of washing dirt
but never touches the depths my love does

So I’ll stand in the shower
not sure of what I’m supposed to be doing anymore
I can imagine this is what it feels like
to be dropped in a swamp

outside, the cars know my name,
“Move faster, move faster, get going, hurry up”
and I’m cursing the fact that I have to wear shoes
have to stand up, move forward

I know these areas of expectation
these conventional attitudes that I’m supposed
to wear like boyscout badges
I guess I’ll do it for at least another day

(this is on CD ‘wednesday morning tambourine’ available at or for download at )


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