i’ll be there with you

(This is a song I wrote a while ago that is very closely related to a much loner story I never finished writing. As such, this song is an unfinished story.)

mother brought the washing out
my friends were in their cages
and all the pigeons on the line
scattered out like pages
blown in a single gust of wind

can you come away with me
he waved his arms above him
and mother shooed the cat away
while singing songs of love
arranged in triple cadence

in the distance
a road was made
it burned away

i hear him shout above the crowd
that shuffles through the tables
my fingers strain to break the edge
that keeps me still and stable
and eyes so closed around me

i slipped upon the rain soaked lawn
for things are done in stages
and everywhere the pictures broke
and shattered through the ages
gone like sugar on the tongue

(You can listen on Bandcamp)


One thought on “i’ll be there with you

  1. Surreal…nice!!….haha: “my friends were in their cages” reminds me of teen years when dad got so upset with my sister for skipping school… Said he didn’t know what to do… Nothing seemed to keep her from cutting classes…so he threatened to put her in a CAGE so he’d know where she was…safe…no worries…. LOL LOL

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