one / two


I step
toward the edge
and carefully tilt my head
‘I can do it’
and move back
breathe deep
and rush

Holding hands with children
on slow walks through school playgrounds
keeps that desire leashed
— he wants to go and climb the ladder,
down the slide, once steel now
dull plastic,
into the sand
That invades me, too
a forward motion
always a forward motion
haltered by something bigger that
pretends to know more than me

it’s a moment of faith
and a moment of sickness
I pledged with you under the palomino sky
to future wounds, to future healing
But where are you now?
I fear the great horse in the sky has taken you
beneath the earth
along with the sun

Singing songs before bedtime
summarizes the day as another page
only turning in a larger volume
— this voice is the thumb on the page
as the light’s switched to off
We go our separate ways,
for a moment is long enough to sever completely
every connection
and I feel a sense of loss
as I turn away

I step
something breaks under my foot
I know the fantasy of being a hero
I can barely catch my breath.

(perhaps you see something and it moves past you – perhaps you see something and you move past it. but what if you see something and it dislodges you…)


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