wenesday morning tambourine

see around the corner

if you tilt your head
in the oddest way
you seem to me
to be able to see

I love your eyes
and I see the world
is a simpler place
when you look at me

if you look a certain way
you can see around the corner
or maybe see
something I can’t be

I can stand here
I can only stand here
I watch you move
through a cyclone

Your way is mine
or I want it mine
I watch you move
With such meaning

don’t hold yourself away
I can deal with any future
There’s so much more
that we can do

(a song from ‘wednesday morning tambourine’, which you can get here on CD.)

(I had an idea of being able to see around corners without really moving – in a very literal sense. But that altogether becomes figurative when you start to write it, and it starts to talk about time.)

Listen or download from onebeekeeper.bandcamp.com


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