Canada Day

oh Canada
I’m not afraid of you

I’ve cut your trees –
smelled the wood bleeding
I know your friends with a giant gorilla
and you can set him on me

I’ve felt the stones in your soil –
or is it soul?
Something so cliche would be apropriate at this hour
while I wait to depart for a fireworks display

Boom boom boom
we disquiet the dark
encourage that somehow we are united
in a fragile dance
with a harsh governess of snow and wind
She loves us dearly
and, like all lovers,
she will surely devour us.

My apologies

Forgive the way I stand with my back to you
I’m actually talking to someone else.

oh Canada
I’m rubbing the inside of you

I have a few inches to spare
and I will make the best of the warmth of your offer
Let me back in
I want to feel the way I felt when I was younger

I have a few minutes to spare
and I will watch the sun grow older every day
from here on out
I want to eat my very own portion of the night

Oh, I see
in the foggiest of distances
the outline of everyone I have every loved
walking off the edge of the highest cliff
this country has to offer
still smiling
with that harsh bitterness
that something is wrong with the wind

My apologies

Forgive the way I speak from behind my hand
I’m actually talking about something else.


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