So Forgotten

So Forgotten

So, I started writing a bunch of songs immediately after finishing work on what I considered a very important album – “Slave” ( I wanted to do something that was less serious, I think. Of course, that didn’t completely happen – there are a number of very serious things on “wednesday morning tambourine” – but it was, nevertheless, quite a bit more fun to do.

Oh, and welcome to ‘a history of scissors’. I’ve always wanted a wordpress blog, so now I have one. If you stick around, you’ll possibly get to read some poetry, song lyrics, and maybe some pointless yammering. I write a lot of songs – so I’ll be sticking them up, also.

This song, from “wednesday morning tambourine”, the lyrics ——

I know those moves
off by heart by now
I’ve watched them always walk right out the door

And I’m immune
to those fragile wonders
those shallow wisdoms you insist on showing me

I’ll take comfort
in the junk I have left
And someday soon I’ll throw the rest away

And I’m aware
it’s all so familiar
you’ve heard it too, I wrote this song before

so forgotten
It’s worn so thin that I can see through it
so forgotten
you reach the end point just to turn around
so forgotten
I’m not sure you ever meant anything
so forgotten
I think I’ll just sit her on the ground

I know those moves
but they don’t get better
I think you need a boat to get you home

Make what you will of them. The song is on Bandcamp. I’m getting CDs made. I’ll likely post about that, too.


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